Orange County Medium And Large Business Representation

All medium and large businesses can face legal problems, regardless of how carefully your contracts and agreements are drafted or how well your entity was incorporated. Employees, vendors, contractors and competitors can cause issues that you must address quickly and effectively.

When these issues arise, you can rely on Gentry Business Law Firm. We have the experience and knowledge to assist your company, and to reach as efficient a resolution as possible. Our attorneys provide sound advice and business counsel to medium and large companies in Southern California. Whether you need outside general counsel or representation in a specific matter, we can help your business overcome challenges and move forward.

Common Issues Your Business May Face During Its Life

In addition to drafting bylaws and articles of incorporation, we can assist your business with all aspects of development, including:

  • Employment matters
  • Compensation
  • Health care law applicability
  • Antitrust and unfair competition
  • Intellectual property matters
  • International law issues, including import/export

Shareholders litigation is another common issue for medium and large businesses. Our attorneys have experience with creating agreements for shareholders , so we understand issues such as:

  • Disputes between minority and majority shareholders
  • Breach of fiduciary duty by the board or shareholders
  • Entity restructuring or dissolution
  • Ownership transition for closely or privately held companies
  • Terms for selling stock
  • Principal valuation provisions

If any of these matters require litigation, we can represent you at trial, in negotiations or in alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Our attorneys understand that litigation is costly, and strives to resolve disputes in as fair and timely a manner as possible. We can work to protect your rights no matter how complex dispute.

Get Sound Advice From An Experienced Business Lawyer

For a consultation, call our Newport Beach office at 949-945-0414 or complete this  contact form online. We serve the needs of medium and large businesses in Southern California and throughout the state.

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